Author: Darius Babrauskas

Big integer numbers calculator


  1.  Big integer numbers support, till 22048

  2.  Prime test, find next ,previous prime number

  3. Convert number to hex, dec, oct or  bin 

  4. Arithmetic and logic operations

  5. Save, open results to  file

  6. Gcd,  (xy) mod z ,  (x*y) mod z  ,

  7. Debug number 12=2*2*3 (but slowly),

  8. Delta operation -unique operation (2345delta10= (2+3+4+5)=14=(1+4)=5) .

  9.  Integer sqrt function now support.

Download (free) : (309kb) on Google. MD5 checksum: 98eccbd16684a13a7cff14e23466e15f    

Test new version (v2.34) : (327kb) on Google. MD5 checksum: 40da6a8187f00b49af5507eee9089e3d    

New: 2^x mod N=Z , computing x (Lithuanian language)


Contact info: bigcalc simbol1 gmail simbol2 com ,where simbol1 is @ simbol2 is dot. Spaces need delete.  


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